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Bloomberg News, Unaccountable named in Bloomberg survey of 2014 favorite reads:
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• Ray Locker, "Book highlights USA TODAY work, pervasive corruption," USA Today, November 28, 2014:
"Too often, [Wedel] wrote in her book Unaccountable, Americans don't know that the decisions made by the government, economists and academics are swayed by financial interests, not the facts."

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"What do corruption and unaccountability mean in today's world? The subtitle of this book mirrors anthropologist Wedel's subtitle in her previous work, Shadow Elite: How the World's New Power Brokers Undermine Democracy, Government, and the Free Market (2009). In a world increasingly dominated by gossip columns and television reality shows, from the New York Post's Page Six to TMZ and tweets, the author's chapter titles seemingly fit: two of them, "High Priests and the Gospel of Anti-Corruption" and "Spies, Company Men, and the Melded Company-State," complement book jacket descriptors such as "groundbreaking exposé" and "chilling." With 100 pages of endnotes (but no bibliography) and an index largely composed of a names list, the book resembles more the work of an investigative reporter than that of a scholar. Dramatis personae are the usual suspects: think tanks, retired military, prominent economists and government officials, and talking heads from Wall Street and K Street. For political junkies and those in the Left and Right tails, there will be plenty to like in this book that will confirm their worst fears. The book is engaging-and frightening."

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