Janine Wedel works across disciplines and has developed interdisciplinary courses and curricula. At George Mason University, she chaired the committee tasked with designing a new core course on "Culture, Organization, and Technology" for the School of Public Policy.  Thc course is now required in all six SPP master's programs.  In 2005 she also developed a course on Advanced Field Methods (with the input of interested faculty in the School who also participate in the course), which she teaches in the Ph.D. program. 

In addition to these courses, Wedel has designed and taught a variety of interdisciplinary graduate classes, including "'Mafias,' Institutional Change, and the State;" "Western Aid Policies to Central and Eastern Europe and the Former Soviet Union;" "International Organizations and the Policy Process;" "Civil Society;" and "Interview and Ethnographic Research Methods." She received an award for outstanding instruction in the Graduate School of Public and International Affairs at the University of Pittsburgh where she was previously employed. At George Mason University, Dean Kingsley Haynes listed her among faculty who have made an "excellent teaching contribution."

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