Lessons From the World Of International Development Advising
. (Resource Handbook)

Lloyd J. Dumas, Janine R. Wedel and Greg Callman

"The crisis that nearly brought the world’s financial house down in 2008 demonstrated clearly and powerfully that the global economy cannot work well where there is widespread deception based in deep-seated corruption and lack of accountability. Corruption and lack of accountability are also key reasons why international development assistance so often fails to deliver on its promise. …this book analyzes the problem, considers how major donor organizations approach it, and offers a series of helpful strategies for working toward solutions—in aid delivery and beyond."
- Editorial Review


CONTENTS (password required)

  Preface ix
  Acknowledgments xiii
1 Corruption, Accountability, and Economic Progress   1
2 Origins and Approach   7
3   Structural Problems in International Economic Consulting  21
4 Measures across Organizations and Contexts  33
5   Measures within International Development Organizations  65
6 Summary and Conclusions  93
  Appendix A: Workshop on Building Accountability into International Development Advising in an Age of Diffused Governance 101
  Appendix B: Host Governments and Multinational Corporations: Enron Comes to Nepal
Dipak Gyawali
  Appendix C: Guidelines and Recommendations for Officials in Recipient Countries for Use in Contracting and Negotiating Consulting Services
Gonzalo Rivas and Belma Ejupovic
  Appendix D: Prototype Consultancy Agreement
Ibrahim Fawzy
  Appendix E: A Closer Look at the World Bank Process 167
  Appendix F: Recurrent Themes among Recipient and Donor Representatives 183
  Appendix G: World Bank Guidelines Regarding Conf licts of Interest: An Analysis and Taxonomy 187
  Notes 191
  Index 201

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